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Well & Septic Systems

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Garness Engineering Group, Ltd. is the foremost provider of onsite well and septic system testing, design, and installation related services in the State of Alaska.  Since 1990, GEG has assisted thousands of clients with their onsite water and wastewater treatment needs.

On a daily basis, our professional team of engineers and technicians are involved with the design, installation, and testing of onsite septic systems for private residences, lodges, mining camps, developers, and other government or commercial entities. GEG has the depth and experience to handle all contingencies that may occur during a specific onsite project. We often perform several hundred well and septic system tests/evaluations annually to determine if the systems comply with State or Municipal regulatory requirements.  Such evaluations are typically required by lenders in order to issue bank financing on a property that is served by a well and/or septic system.


GEG has performed thousands of site and soil investigations for the purpose of designing and installing onsite septic systems. Work includes an initial site assessment to identify site restrictions such as well radii & surface water setbacks, topography issues, and the location of existing and/or proposed structures. Following the initial site assessment, the next step is to excavate several test holes and perform a soil investigation. With the soil investigation complete, the next step is to prepare a septic system design that is compatible with the soil and groundwater conditions, site topography, space limitations, and number of bedrooms served.


GEG has extensive experience in the design, installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of virtually all of the alternative technology septic systems currently used in Alaska. These systems include, but are not limited to, Intermittent Dosing Sand Filters (IDSF), Recirculating Trickling Filters (Advantex™ and Quanics Aerocell™ Systems), BioCycle™, BioMicrobics™, and other aerobic treatment plants. GEG was instrumental in introducing the Advantex™, and Quanics™ technologies to Alaska.


In addition to septic system design and installation oversight, GEG routinely performs well site selection, well flow tests, aquifer assessments, and water quality analysis for private and public drinking water wells. GEG’s staff has performed thousands of such assessments. If water production is determined to be inadequate, our design team will coordinate with a well service company to hyrdofracture the well, or install a water storage system and pump protection equipment.


If water quality is poor, GEG’s team will design a water treatment system to reduce or remove the contaminants and comply with all EPA/ADEC drinking water regulations.  We routinely design treatment systems to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, color, and turbidity, just to name a few.  We have designed, coordinated permitting, and inspected the installation of over 100 surface-water treatment systems.   In short, GEG has the experience to handle all of your water treatment needs.

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