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Water and Wastewater

Treatment Systems

Many of our clients are repeat customers that faithfully rely upon us to help resolve their water and wastewater treatment needs for facilities such as remote oilfield camps, lodges, mining camps, seafood processing facilities/camps, construction camps, and rural communities.  Our many years of experience working throughout Alaska has helped us to gain the insight necessary to efficiently and effectively identify the problem/s at hand and develop a solution that is practical, functional, and affordable, while complying with all of the complex regulatory requirements established by EPA and/or ADEC.  Through experience, our engineering team has learned to appreciate the need for simplicity of operation, particularly for systems serving facilities in bush Alaska.  Systems need to be as mechanically simple as possible, minimizing the use of high tech components, and allow for the lowest skill level of operator training/certification as practically possible.  GEG is committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients.


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Designing reliable wastewater treatment systems for remote locations in Alaska is one of our core specialties. In bush Alaska there is limited access to trained electricians, mechanical contractors, and electronics technicians; therefore, any treatment system selected needs to be conceptually simple and have few “high-tech” components/parts.  Secondly, there is limited availability of skilled operators that are proficient at operating wastewater treatment systems.  This dictates that the treatment system technology selected must lend itself to operation and maintenance by personnel with limited training, and still consistently produce a high quality effluent that is compliant with ADEC discharge standards.  GEG designs all systems with these concepts in mind.  Our services include systems design, installation inspections, assistance with system start-up, operator training, and ongoing support regarding regulatory compliance and monitoring issues.
GEG is the exclusive Alaska dealer for Quanics wastewater treatment systems.  We have almost 200 successful Quanics installations in Alaska ranging from residential systems to large systems serving oilfield camps.
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Water Treatment Systems

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GEG specializes in the design of water treatment systems and the sale of quality components for water treatment systems.  Over the last three decades, we have designed hundreds of operational drinking water treatment systems throughout the state of Alaska, for facilities such as oilfield camps, mining camps, fish processing facilities, construction camps, lodges, schools, commercial facilities, and rural communities.  Simplicity is the key when designing water treatment systems for remote locations.  Systems need to be as mechanically simple as possible, minimizing the use of high-tech components, and allow for the lowest skill level of operator training/certification as practically possible.  Whether your water source is a tundra pond, a brackish well, corrosive, turbid, contains elevated contaminants (such as Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Color, etc), we have the experience and equipment to provide you with a water treatment system that is designed/ constructed to produce quality drinking water that complies with ADEC drinking water standards, while at the same time being affordable, functional, efficient, and reliable.  We look forward to helping you with your drinking water treatment system and will do our best to meet or exceed your expectations. 

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Jimbo at OSI plant
FAA water treatment plant
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